Carmen Leslie vs. This Porn has Good Music T-shirt


When we shot the video with Carmen Leslie for the Kaloopyfornia shirts, we also shot this fun set of images with her wearing just a "This Porn Has Good Music" shirt and some dark rimmed glasses! 

Here's the T: http://store.kaloopy.com/products/this-porn-has-good-music

The shirt is derived from a youtube comment on the Kaloopy Channel. Just about every video we've published has got the comment "This Porn Has Good Music" 

Hope you like the pics and if you get yourself a shirt be sure to enter the promo code "Carmen" to get 20% off. Huzzuh!  

Here's Carmen twitter machine..tell her you saw the pics! https://twitter.com/CarmenDickman



Written by Kurt Heim — April 16, 2014

Kaloopyfornia Look Book # 1


Kaloopyfornia is our new Venice Beach based lifestyle brand. California is now the hub of street art, house music, hot girls, tech, fixies and skateboarding. Through the eyes of kaloopy we will bring you the new Cali lifestyle–California 2.0

To launch the brand we’ve made two shirts with these super comfy HEMP shirts. The Kaloopyfornia graphic has been dubbed the “Bear Lady” which is how we think the California flag should look.

Check it out on our Store

The second shirt is more of a fun shirt that comes from dropping so many videos on the you tubes. Just about every video we put up has the comment “This Porn Has Good Music.” Its seems to be a pretty standard comment because it from multiple viewers….guess the next shirt we do would have to be called “Dat Ass”


Check out the shirts, they are hand made with love and BBB (blessed by boobs.) We have Mens and Women’s, so buy your girlfriend/wife/nanna one too.

The model in this first video is Camilla Gimenez from Brazil. Hit her up here:http://instagram.com/camillagimenez

The track on the Video is from the one and only Antonio Giacca :http://www.antoniogiacca.com/

The art in the video is all street art and is fucking amazing, we’re doing a very rad collab with this guy: KFISH http://instagram.com/kfishla

See the gorillas? Growlers here: http://isabellealfordlago.com/

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Written by Kurt Heim — April 14, 2014